At #1 Pet Care, Inc., of Bloomington, Illinois, we will love and care for your four-legged or feathered friends like they were our very own. In the event of emergency, we have a veterinarian on call for our facility. We are fully insured and trained to respond to any emergency situation that might arise. We offer boarding for you when you have to go away for longer than a day. Our place wants to make your pets feel like they are still at home, with just a few rules and regulations. We do require the following shots:


Rabies: 1 year or 3 year
Distemper: 1, 2, or 3 year depending on age
Bordetella: We require yearly, but some of the veterinarians do 6 month booster and that is fine with us. Before a year old we do require 2 boosters of Bordetella. If a dog has not had Bordetella over a period of 90 days and beyond, we require a 72 hour grace period for the shot, in the system, before coming. 30 to 60 days: a 48 hour grace period.


Rabies: 1 or 3 year
Distemper: 1 or 3 year
Feline Leukemia:  If cat is indoor only, test must be on record but no shot is required. If cat is indoor/outdoor, test must be on record AND the shot is required.

General Rules

  • If a friend or family member drops off your pet and requests extra services, you will be responsible for those charges. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Please understand, once your pet is brought to us, we do not allow the owners to take them to the back areas. Goodbyes are done in the lobby. This is best for all involved.
  • If you do not show on your scheduled boarding date and we did not get a 24 hour notice, you can lose your spot, especially on holidays and weekends. We will charge a $24.00 no-show fee if there is no 24 hour cancellation notice. Holidays require a 48 hour cancellation notice.
  • Same goes with grooming and baths. If you show late or pick up early without pre-arrangements, we will not be able to get this done.
  • During holidays, you will be billed for the time you book whether or not you pick up your pet early.
  • If you pick up earlier than scheduled without providing notice bathing services may not be performed. In this case you would not be charged for the bathing service.
  • Non-neutered males can still be boarded after screening dog, but owner must understand that dog can not be socialized with other pets.
  • Dogs 6-months and over are required to be neutered for daycare.
  • We do require influenza shots for dogs.