#1 Pet Care, Inc., of Bloomington, Illinois, also offers daycare and boarding services for cats, dogs, and exotics. And remember that during your pets stay, there is No Extra Charge for administering shots or meds, playtime and a pet over a certain age! Please note that we try to keep our site as up to date as possible with price changes, but prices can change without notice. Please inquire with us for confirmation. Thank you!

Attention Clients! New Boarding Rules Updated August, 2015

It has become necessary that we begin enforcing our cancellation policy of $24.00.  There will be no exceptions to these rules. We have been lenient on this in the past, but unfortunately it has become necessary to enforce it to continue providing the exceptional services we provide for you and your pet while they are with us. There is a 24-hour notice to cancel non-holiday reservations, meaning we need you to call us the day BEFORE your reservation or leave a message the night before. There is a 48-hour notice to cancel during holiday seasons, which includes: Spring Break Period, Memorial Day Period, 4th of July Period, Labor Day Period, Thanksgiving Period, Christmas/New Years Period. For holiday boarding we require a credit card to hold your pet’s spot. If you cancel after the above-noted times, we will charge your card for the cancellation fee. Thank you for understanding our need to enforce this rule. We appreciate your business!

Doggie Daycare

Does your pet spend all day at home, alone, while you are gone? Then, to come home tired at the end of the day only to be greeted by those loving eyes looking at you, ready to play? WHAT CAN YOU DO? Our daycare provides the following benefits:

  • For just 17.00/ full day – $10.00/ up to 5 hours. Only $8.00 for a 2nd pet in the same household.
  • For as little as $8 you can have your pet bathed and nails trimmed. Price of bathing depends on size of pet.
  • Pets are tired after a day of playing and socializing.
  • They learn how to socialize with others and meet new friends.
  • Safe and devoted environment for them to play.
  • Supervised by personnel, whether inside or outside, at all times.
  • Plenty of LOVE, TREATS, AND WATER.

*Dogs 6-months and over are required to be neutered for daycare. We do offer half day rate, up to 5 hours only, at 7.00. There is not a half rate charge for second pet in same household though.


Boarding is also offered when you go away longer than a day. Our place wants to make your pets feel like they’re still at home.

  • Your pet is not cooped up in a kennel during their stay with us, we have them out to enjoy themselves with others, with owners permission.
  • They feel like they are at home.
  • Schedules are followed per owner’s request.
  • Climate controlled for both winter and summer. We have 3 commercial cooling units for the summer. Heated flooring both inside and outside as well.
  • 6,600 square feet just inside alone.
  • 6 indoor separate play areas and 9 separate play areas.
  • Pets are supervised at all times.

*Non-neutered males can still be boarded after screening dog, but owner must understand that dog can not be socialized with other pets. Dogs need to have fecal and heartworm tests yearly. Cats must have vaccines done yearly.


The charges are rated per day, no matter what time of day you drop off your pet.


$26.00 per day for a 4 x 16 Indoor/Outdoor Kennel.

*Second pet in same kennel, $10.00/day discount.  Second pet in separate kennel, $6.00/day discount. Call For Further Explanations And Information On Pet Related Services.


$18.00 per day for a condo in a private room setting.

*$2.00 off 2nd pet.
*Cats must have front paws declawed.


$9.00 – $2 off 2nd pet if in different cage

*Owner must provide own cage for all exotics.


This is by appointment only. Required rules apply for this as well.

  • Monday through Thursday only for Scheduling
  • Dogs boarding will be done anytime set by pick up date. Must be made at either time of appointment or when pet is dropped off.
  • If you pick up earlier then your departure date and no arrangements made in advance, baths will not get done, and calling the day of pick up baths will not get done.
  • We do not do Flea Baths